Discover. Experience. Transform.

Sapphire puts the token holders at the center of the curated life.  Sapphire is a real-time snapshot of the zeitgeist, taking the benefits of the blockchain and bringing them into your physical life.

Sapphire delivers the perks!

Sapphire provides its Token Holders the tools to design their own exquisite experience, structured or serendipitous, intimate or sociable.
We will be curating a unique series of experiences that celebrate the art of ideas, delve into the essence of pressing current topics, unleash creativity, and spark innovation through inspiring combinations of people and events.

Why Choose Sapphire?


Occasional AirDrops will Occur with Various Tokens That will have Actual Value.

Pre-ICO Sale Access

Partnerships with New ICOs to give our Users Early Access to ICOs before the General Public Has Access.

For Non-Partnered ICOs, Sapphire may Secure Tokens and distribute them to the community at a discounted price for Sapphire Token Holders.

Access to Exclusive Marketplace

The Exclusive Marketplace gives Token Holders access to products not available anywhere else and discounts on non-exclusive products.

Monthly Crypto Giveaways

Random Wallets will be selected and these wallets will receive something to there wallet.

The randomized process will be provided by for transparency.

Decentralized Governance

Token holders will be allowed to vote on the strategic direction of the token as well as day to day issues like future airdrops and other community investment opportunities.

Coming Soon

Real world benefits will be announced in the coming weeks to our token holders as deals become official. Stay Tuned!

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The Sapphire Roadmap

Roadmap Coming Soon

Sapphire Wallet

Sapphire uses the ERC20 standard, therefore it is compatible with Ethereum Wallets. The two wallets we recommend are linked below.

Mist / Ethereum Wallet MyEtherWallet

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Discover. Experience. Tranform.

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